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Simple PayPal shopping cart or external shopping cart integration


Ideal for small businesses or for companies selling a small number of products and prices do not vary often. Ideal for selling downloadable products or predefined services.

Low Cost

Is a convenient solution for those who do not need to pay for the shop's monthly sums that may be quite high.

Web66 Design | SMALL BUSINESS SHOP Key Features

Subscription Free

Does not use online ecommerce platforms or databases.

No Worries

You do not have to waste your time managing it, when you need to make changes we handle it. You benefit from low cost support.

web66 design


web66 design
Web66 Design | One Time Fee 3rd Party Shopping Cart

€ 39.99

Applies to: implementation and setup of external shopping cart.

Web66 Design | One Time Fee Paypal Shopping Cart

€ 29.99

Applies to: implementation and setup of internal paypal shopping cart.

Web66 Design | Price/Piece Shopping Cart Connection

€ 1.99

Applies to: connecting each product to the shopping cart.

web66 design

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web66 design

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